SENTRILOCK: Membership, Lockbox Purchase, & Lockbox Transfer


How much does SentriLock membership cost, and how do I activate my SentriLock membership?

  1. SentriLock membership costs $131.10 per year for agent, broker, and assistant account types.
  2. For members of all REALTOR® associations other than Clarksville Association of REALTORS®, Southern Middle Tennessee Association of REALTORS®, and Middle Tennessee Association of REALTORS®: To activate your SentriLock membership please contact Realtracs support by dialing (615) 385-0777.  Then press 1 for support.  Our support team will collect payment and activate your SentriLock membership over the phone.
  3. After the membership has been activated, you'll be emailed your SentriKey ID and a link to set your SentriKey password so that you can sign into the SentriKey mobile app and start unlocking lockboxes right away.  


How do I purchase a SentriLock lockbox and take ownership of the lockbox?

New lockboxes can be purchased from your local REALTOR® association, Realtracs office, or from the (Coming Soon!) Realtracs Online Store for $160.00 each.  After purchasing a lockbox, it is very important for the new lockbox owner to take possession of the lockbox to ensure that they are registered as the lockbox owner within SentriLock's database.  To take possession of your newly purchased lockbox, please complete the steps below.
  1. On your phone, log in to the SentriKey application.  The SentriKey app is represented on your phone's homescreen by the icon below. 
  2. Once logged in, tap the three lines in the upper left of the SentriKey app.
  3. Tap on My Lockboxes.
  4. Tap on Take / Remove Ownership.
  5. Press the ENT button on the lockbox.

  6. After pressing the ENT button, the SentriKey app will complete the ownership registration by asking for your SentriKey PIN, through Touch ID, or through Face ID.

Note for Clarksville Association of REALTORS® and Middle Tennessee Association of REALTORS® members:  The SentriLock membership cost, activation instructions, and lockbox pricing information within this guide do not apply to you.  Members of the aforementioned REALTOR® associations must contact their association for SentriLock membership and lockbox purchasing information.
Note for Southern Middle TN Association of REALTORS® members: The SentriLock membership activation instructions and lockbox pricing information within this guide do not apply to you.  Members of SMTAR must contact their association in order to activate their SentriLock membership and to purchase lockboxes.



I've sold my lockbox to another agent.  How can I get the lockbox that I sold transferred into the new owner's possession within the Sentrilock database?

  1. Lockboxes can only be transferred to an agent with an active Sentrilock membership.  To transfer a lockbox, the current owner of the lockbox needs to email requesting the transfer of the lockbox to the new owner.
  2. The transfer request email should contain both agents' names and the serial number of the lockbox in a format similar to the following.  "xxxxx (<---Agent Name 1 who is the current lockbox owner) requests that the lockbox with serial number xxxxxxx be transferred to xxxxx (<---Agent Name 2 who is the intended recipient of the lockbox transfer).
  3. If the lockbox needing transfer exists in the Realtracs Sentrilock market and if both agents are members of the Realtracs Sentrilock market, Realtracs staff will complete the transfer request after the transfer request email has been received.  Alternatively, if the lockbox needing transfer isn't located within the Realtracs Sentrilock market, Realtracs staff will contact a cooperate Sentrilock account representative to find out which regional database the lockbox is located in.  And the Sentrilock account representative will be able to complete the transfer if the regional area agrees to let the lockbox leave their market's inventory.