SENTRILOCK: Opening & Unshackling Lockboxes

How do I open a Sentrilock lockbox key compartment?

  1. On your phone, log in to the SentriKey application.  The SentriKey app is represented on your phone's homescreen by the icon below. 
  2. After logging in, stay on the SentriKey home page.

  3. Next, press the ENT button on the lockbox keypad to wake it up.

  4. After pressing the ENT button, the SentriKey app will ask you to verify your identity with your SentriKey PIN, Touch ID, or Face ID.  After verifying your identity, the app will notify you that the key compartment is opening.

  5. As the key compartment opens, the lockbox motor will make a humming sound.  After the humming sound ends,  the key compartment will be opened.  And you'll be notified in the SentriKey app that you've successfully opened the lockbox.  Tap the blue Continue button to finish.

How do I open a Sentrilock lockbox key compartment in an area with unreliable cellular service?

    1. Before you start traveling to the home and in an area with good cellular service, log in to the SentriKey application.  The SentriKey app is represented on your phone's homescreen by the icon below.

      After logging into the app, leave the SentriKey app either open or minimized. But do not exit out of the app completely.
    2. Then after arriving at the property, go to the Settings app within your phone.  The iPhone Settings app icon is seen below in gray.  And Android's settings app icon is pictured below in blue.settings
    3. Within your Settings app, turn on Airplane Mode.

    4. After turning on Airplane mode, makesure that bluetooth is still enabled on your phone.  If bluetooth is disabled, enable bluetooth.  

    5. Exit out of your phone's Settings app.  And go to the main page of your phone's SentriKey application.

    6. Press the ENT button on the lockbox.

The lockbox will unlock after you've pressed ENT and after the SentriKey app then verifies your identity through Touch ID, Face ID, or your 4 digit SentriLock pin.

Note for older non-bluetooth lockboxes: Unfortunately, the above steps won't work because the process above relies heavily on bluetooth connectivity.  For non-bluetooth lockboxes, the best thing for the showing agent to do is to contact the listing agent prior to traveling to the home. And the showing agent will need to ask the listing agent to generate a One Day Code from within their SentriKey app. 


How do I release the shackle on my lockbox?

  1. Only the lockbox owner can unshackle a lockbox.  To begin, open the SentriKey app and tap on Release Shackle.

  2. On the lockbox keypad, press ENT to ‘wake up’ the lockbox. 
  3. In the SentriKey app, enter your PIN or use Touch ID / Face ID.
  4. Tap OK. The lockbox motor will begin turning and the shackle will begin to detach. Hold the lockbox firmly to ensure it doesn’t drop to the ground. 
  5. If the lockbox is not already assigned to a property, you’ll be prompted to assign the lockbox to a property.

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