Software updates - What's new:

UPDATES RELEASED December 2, 2022


  • RT LEADS: We have improved the organization and formatting of data provided in RT Leads emails sent to agents, and added listing information & links for leads related specifically to a listing.


UPDATES RELEASED December 1, 2022


  • L&M released the bulk of our Waterfront changes which was opening up the Waterfront Features to LLF listings, the the same field RES and RNT listings use. These taxonomy changes make searching easier and help us increase the amount AND accuracy of data we get and send to data aggregators! Let the L&M team know if you have any questions.


UPDATES RELEASED November 29, 2022

  • TRAINING MANAGEMENT: Navigation and filtering has been fixed so that when a Trainer and dates are selected, they will be retained when navigating in and out of classes. 


UPDATES RELEASED November 18, 2022

  • Happy Friday! Exciting news around a very requested feature... click to text for mobile! Agents should now be able to click to text when the preferred number is a number we know is mobile. This new functionality should work on a listing report, agent model, people search, and even in showing appointments! Attached is the model that pops up when you click on the number giving you the option to either text or call. If the preferred number is not a mobile number the functionality will work as it currently does with just call functionality. Let me know if you have questions!

UPDATES RELEASED November 17, 2022

  • Second bit of waterfront taxonomy changes went out last night! This change pulled Dock values out of the Water Description field for LLF listings and moved them a dock specific field.  LLF listings will now have the same 'Private Waterfront Dock' field that is currently available for RES/RNT. These taxonomy changes make searching easier and help us increase the amount AND accuracy of data we get and send to data aggregators! Let the L&M team know if you have any questions.


UPDATES RELEASED November 16, 2022


  • SHOWINGS: In an effort to increase the rate of feedback for listing agents and their sellers, we now automatically remind buyer agents to submit feedback about a showing if it wasn’t provided within 24 hours of the appointment.



UPDATES RELEASED November 15, 2022

  • QUICK SEARCH: Users can now search by Street Name using Quick Search :mag:. We've received quite a bit of feedback to have this (particularly for the mobile app)  because people may not know the street number (and therefore can't do an address search), but they know the street name. This does exist in the search panel, but it's a bit more cumbersome on mobile; adding it to Quick Search should alleviate this!


UPDATES RELEASED November 11, 2022



  • Quick Links: Added Tax Data to the list of quick links


UPDATES RELEASED November 10, 2022


SHOWINGS: We added a signature to the showings feedback survey link (found in the Feedback Request email). This reduces the friction (buyer) agents encounter by allowing them to submit their survey response without logging into Realtracs.



UPDATES RELEASED November 9, 2022


RT4 SEARCH ENHANCEMENTS: Wanted to share a few enhancements we've made over the past couple weeks:

  • Searching by Office or Agent (List, Co-List, Sales, and Co-Sales) no longer requires location to be entered in order to run a search (Use case: An agent wants to see all listings by office, regardless of where it's located)
  • You can initiate a search on the map by panning/zooming to a location and clicking "Search This Area" - This will allow users to locate a specific area on the map and search without having to use "Near Me" or doing a criteria search first.


UPDATES RELEASED November 4, 2022


Sharing a quick update about the taxonomy changes that were released yesterday.


Historically the community dock option lived in the Waterfront Dock section. This was the cause of some inaccurate data and wasn’t consistent with our design pattern of community amenities belonging in the community amenities field. Waterfront Dock has only three options now: Dock, Dock Permit, and No Dock.  Community renamed 'Boat Dock' lives under the Community Amenities field. We will be changing the name of the Waterfront Dock field to “Private Waterfront Dock” in some later work and adding a tool tip that Community Boat Dock lives under community amenities.


This is the first of a few Waterfront taxonomy changes that will help us be more compliant with DD. Let me know if you have any questions about this or any of the upcoming changes!


UPDATES RELEASED November 1, 2022


SHOWINGS: SMS messages for showing appointments are officially being batched on a per listing basis.


New Batched messages

  • New requests and accepted requests for a showing appointment more than 8 hours in the future are “held” for 10 minutes.
  • Listing agents, buyer agents, and seller contacts receive a single message alerting them to showing activity.

Real time messages

  • All updates for an appointment less than 8 hours in the future, all appointment declines, and all appointment cancellations.
  • Why are we batching?

1. To minimize the amount of “noise” for our users and their clients

2. We want to limit providers from flagging us for “spamming” people, resulting in lost messages or blocked Realtracs numbers

3. If we decrease the number of messages we send, then we save money


UPDATES RELEASED October 31, 2022


RT4 UPDATE: Two big milestones to share...To quote Michael Scott (and the gif I shared at the company meeting): "Oh my god! It's happening!"


  • At the end of last week, we created at "Ready to Migrate?" option under the Legacy Search section in the nav menu and turned it on for a few users on Friday who were attending a training class. Now it's on for EVERYONE! This gives our users the opportunity to migrate whenever they would like. 
  • Starting tomorrow (Tuesday Nov 1), our first cohort of users will start to see the "It's Time To Move" modals in RT3 that will prompt users to migrate AND let them know their automatic migration date (which is 7 days after they start seeing the modals). Included in the first group is our expansion offices/free trial users. Based on the scheduling, they will all be migrated to RT4 before Thanksgiving. 

The Realtracs office (minus people who need to continue to see RT3) is also in this first group!


UPDATES RELEASED October 26, 2022


RT4 MILESTONE: As of this morning, new users will only see RT4! We've also cleaned up the navigation menu so that users who only have access to RT4 will see a single column list! 


UPDATES RELEASED October 17, 2022


  • DASHBOARD: A widget-based Dashboard providing a high-level view of the most popular features in Realtracs.
  • LISTING IMPORT NOTES (Internal Tool): When triaging issues with Listing Imports, our staff teams can now add notes to the Listing Import log to provide a status update for a specific listing.


UPDATES RELEASED October 6, 2022


RT4 Saved Searches: We have enabled the ability to save searches in RT4 for all users!! This does not include Save As Auto Notify, yet, but we hope this will bring more users to the RT4 search platform - we know some offices haven't been training/using it since this feature didn't exist yet.


UPDATES RELEASED September 30, 2022


ADDITIONAL CRITERIA ENHANCEMENT: When we implemented our additional criteria smart search, we required 3 characters to be entered to return all the matching fields/values; this left out some phrases such as "55 - Up", "VA", and "To Be Built" from being returned due to either a two-character phrase or two-letter word followed by a space. We have made an enhancement that will allow two-character phrases to be found, while keeping our 3 character requirement for the longer fields/values, like fence, waterfront, etc). 


UPDATES RELEASED September 27, 2022

SHOWINGS: Buyer agents now have the ability to reschedule their pending and accepted showing appointments from the Buyer Appointments page. This minimizes the number of steps required to reschedule (down to one), saving them some time


UPDATES RELEASED September 21, 2022


TOP NAVIGATION BAR: Realtracs Showings appointment and feedback information is now accessible from the Showings option in our top navigation. Additionally, those who use Realtracs email can find the Launch Realtracs Email option in the “Me” menu dropdown (little email icon is gone).


UPDATES RELEASED September 15, 2022


RT3 UPDATE: Today, we say goodbye (NSYNC style) to the Closed Binding Contract field in RT3. This field created a lot of confusion for many of users (many of whom did not select this option intentionally); we did not want to support this in the RT4 search and so made the decision to proactively remove it from RT3.

If a user still wants to limit their Closed searches, they can use the "Contract To Closed" additional criteria, which allows them to specify the number of days that a listing was under contract before closing (i.e. Between 0-60 days). Users can also include the "Under Contract Showing Date" in the List View to sort/see when listings went under contract.



MILESTONE ALERT: Also worth sharing: this represents the last "issue" that needed to be resolved for us to support saved search parity between RT3 and RT4


UPDATES RELEASED September 8, 2022


RT4 Search: On desktop, when a user navigates to Search > Listings Search (RT4 search), the search panel will automatically open. This is to reduce the amount of clicks a user has to make in order to start entering search criteria; hopefully reducing friction for users who are using RT4 for the first time!


On mobile, Quick Search will still be the "default" way to search. Users can click the magnifying glass icon to expand the full panel on mobile.


UPDATES RELEASED September 1, 2022


  • MY LISTS:  We have added the ability to manually add MLS numbers to a list. Once a list has been loaded, users can click Quick Add to type in or paste in a list of MLS numbers to be added to the list. 

UPDATES RELEASED August 31, 2022


  • LISTINGS: We’ve removed both Facilitator and Subagent Compensation fields from listings, leaving only one compensation value going forward: Buyer Broker Compensation. This was done to reduce confusion, simplify the listing process, and increase overall data accuracy.


UPDATES RELEASED August 29, 2022


  • Listings: We’ve updated the logic for DOM calculations to always round the DOM value down. This is so that 2 listings that go active on the same day (but diff times) and then close (say a week later, but different times) come away with the same DOM. Our previous logic rounded one value down (6.48 ==> 6 days) and one up (6.53 ==> 7 days) resulting in two very similar listings having different DOM values. Support got a call from a user that led to this discovery - thank you for bringing this to our attention!


UPDATES RELEASED August 25, 2022


Quick Search/MLS Numbers: Since removing MLS# search from RT3, we received a lot of feedback about users not being able to quickly & easily search for multiple MLS# at one time.

Two updates will hopefully reduce the frustration in the process...

  1. You can now search for multiple MLS# using the Quick Search widget on the dashboard and in listings search
  2. We also addressed an issue where sometimes pasting a list of MLS numbers would incorrectly show a message that MLS# needed to be between 4-7 digits (even though they were).


UPDATES RELEASED August 24, 2022


  • RT4 SEARCH UPDATE: We have updated our "Price" field options in RT4 in order to achieve parity with RT3 and to add clarity to the search process.
  • List Price is now labeled as such and searches on the list price and is still available for all statuses.
  • Sales Price will only appear if the Closed status is selected (since a sales price is only applicable for listings that are closed).


UPDATES RELEASED August 22, 2022


  • BUYER BROKER COMPENSATION MESSAGE: We updated the public & buyer report messaging to "Please reach out to your agent for more information" to encourage public/buyers to reach out to the agent they are working with rather than the listing agent. The current agent messaging remains the same "Please reach out to the listing agent for more information."


UPDATES RELEASED August 19, 2022


  • MY LISTS ENHANCEMENT: The names in the My List modal are now hyperlinks that will take users directly to that list. This will save users several clicks between the search results and the actual list results.


UPDATES RELEASED August 18, 2022


  • SHOWINGS: To help solve the problem of Realtracs Showings messages being blocked (due to being flagged as SPAM), we’ve created Opt-In text message verbiage and processes for seller contacts. In doing this, we removed the temporary “Reply STOP to opt out” verbiage that was attached to every seller text message. Opting in is a required step for a seller contact to continue receiving messages. Here’s a quick video of the workflow



UPDATES RELEASED August 16, 2022


  • My Lists Update: Stats is now available in the More menu for My Lists & Auto Notify. This was previously available for saved MLS# searches, so we have closed this gap with My Lists (and it also applies to Auto Notify)

RT4 Search Update: An enhancement was released to add clarity to the MLS Number field in RT4. We have users who are new to the RT4 search and the previous label made it seem like they could not search multiple at a time. 

  1. Updated label to MLS Number(s)
  2. Assistive text when they click into the field to show "Multiple values allowed"
  3. They can resize that field if they have a lot of MLS numbers


UPDATES RELEASED August 11, 2022


  • MLS# Saved Search Update: Good morning! Overnight, we successfully migrated 22,000+ saved MLS# searches from RT3 to the new My Lists features without any issues!  The old legacy link for MLS# search has been removed from navigation and My Lists is now the way to allow users to save lists! (To quote Hamilton, it's one less thing to worry about.) 


Recent Enhancements: Over the past week, we've also made some enhancements to improve the experience for my lists:

  1. Download is available in the "More" menu
  2. Open the "Load" modal by default when visiting "My Lists"
  3. Allowing creation of a New List from the My List page (the link is in the footer, just like the "Add to My Lists" modal)
  4. We also show the number of listings that will be deleted in the confirmation modal (users were accidentally deleting the entire contents of their list)

Favorites Update: The Favorites link has also been removed from the navigation. All users have a list called "Favorites" under My Lists that we had been keeping in sync for users for the transition to My Lists; we had been redirecting users of Favorites to My Lists via Pendo since last week, so have seen visits to that page decrease, but we officially retired the nav link today.




  • MY LISTS: The My Lists feature has been turned on for all users this morning! This will allow users to create and manage lists of listings (for clients, comps, buyer tours, etc). It allows them to Add To My Lists directly from search results AND Auto Notify! My Lists allows agents to have multiple "favorites" lists for their clients. This will also replace the current RT3 MLS # search.
  • Users can see their lists under Search > My Lists

Liz put a support article and training video together for this as well:

We will be shutting off MLS# and Favorites within the next couple weeks and migrating all users saved searches to My Lists as well. There will be in-app guides to announce this :) 

  • AUTO NOTIFY: One byproduct of My Lists is that users can now also "Add to Auto Notify" (and "Add to My Lists") from within Auto Notify (this wasn't a thing before!)



  • SHOWINGS: Buyer agents have even more power/flexibility in scheduling… they can cancel a showing appointment that they requested even if it’s in ‘Pending’ status (waiting on list agent to accept/decline). This saves agents time by solving the problem where buyer agents had to reach out to the listing agent themselves and let them know they needed to withdraw the open request for an appointment (the listing agent would then go decline the request to remove it from their list). Text messages alert listing agent(s) and contact(s) about the update.




  • SHOWINGS: We made scheduling a little smarter to help with the problem of buyer agents not cancelling a pre-existing appointment before scheduling a new appointment (which led to empty homes and unhappy sellers). The logic recognizes if the agent scheduling an appointment already has one other future appointment at the same property and offers an option to reschedule.




In between initiatives, A&E has made a few small updates:

  • TRAINING MANAGEMENT: The default list now begins at the current day, instead of the following day
  • NEW USER NOTIFICATIONS: Users setup as Trial Users will now get a Trials specific new User email, clearing up concerns expressed by Trial Users related to billing

ADDITIONAL CRITERIA:The Agent and Office picker was released this morning, wrapping up the additional criteria initiative! Agent/Office picker includes:

  • List Agent, Co-List Agent, Sales Agent, Co-Sales Agent
  • List Office, Co-List Office, Sales Office, Co-Sales Office



Post to Facebook from the listing management page is now live! You can check out the short tutorial video here:


ADDITIONAL CRITERIA: The new typeahead + support for ALL criteria (except Agent/Office - currently in flight) is available in the RT4 Listings Search now!

  • Users can add additional criteria to their search by typing a field OR option to add it to their search
  • Users can select multiple options by clicking the checkboxes and either clicking "Add Selected" or clicking out of the area - any options selected will automatically populate those chips in the panel
  • There is no more modal - all add/remove of criteria happens in the search panel


Map Layers:

Hybrid Satellite: The satellite base map now includes street names.

Topography Layer: A new topography layer can display contour lines and elevations over both the Streets and Satellite base maps.



The default list of training classes only shows upcoming classes in chronological order

Calendar search dates are now optional


Phone numbers emailed to agents in a lead appear as actionable links


RT4 SEARCH EXCLUSIONS: Subdivisions and street names can now also be excluded from searches. Multiple exclusions are also allowed.


TRAINING: We've updated the CE submission process for Training classes to use the new CE Broker tool (newly required by TREC)


OFFICE PROFILE: We've updated the Broker Office Profile to support Multi-State Office licensing, as well as (recently) updating the Office displays to denote the State where the Office license is issued!


LISTINGS MANAGEMENT: Unclosed Listing Assistance is live! We collect CRS deed transfer data, compare it to open listings, and notify brokers/list agents/co-list agents when there’s a listing that appears it should be closed. Those notifications are sent in the form of a) an email and b) Listing Action Items in Listing Management. The goal of this is to increase listing history accuracy, have correct agent deal flow stats, and represent the current state of the market by guiding our users to minimize the number of unclosed listings.


OFFICE PROFILE: We've updated our Office Profile and Membership Office Create/Edit page, into one streamlined experience, using the same format as our updated User forms!


RT4 SEARCH: Subdivision and street names now allow up to 260 characters (increasing from 26) in the field and up to 10 separate subdivision/street values


MEMBERSHIP: The Membership Create User tool now includes External users from Offices which are onboarding, making it even easier to Activate new Users from expansion markets!


SEARCH: When performing a Listings Search, you can now exclude criteria from the following fields:

  • County
  • City
  • Zip Code
  • School
  • Public Remarks

Simply start your search phrase with a minus (-) sign to exclude that data from your search results.

LISTING MANAGEMENT: To help our listing agents more effectively market their listings - specifically when they use the ‘Coming Soon’ status prior to making their listing Active - we’ve updated the following:

  • When reviewing Coming Soon listings in search results, Open House information is displayed in the Hot Info section (just like an Active or UC-Showing listing).
  • Coming Soon listings Open House information is visible in the list view, thumbnail view and included in downloads.
  • Emails that include Coming Soon listings show Open House information, when available.
  • To prevent problems, Open Houses may only be scheduled to occur AFTER the Availability Date (Make Active On / Available for Showing date).
  • When a Coming Soon listing has an Availability Date extension (delay listing from going Active), we automatically clear out Open Houses that fall before the new Availability Date.
  • We’ve added Open House data for Coming Soon listings to our Data Dictionary feed for our data consumers to display, too.


SEARCH: You can now search the RT4 subdivision field using special characters, as well as the % wildcard.


SHOWINGS: In an effort to be abundantly clear, we’ve added a possessive noun in front of the word ShowingTime in both the Office & Showing section of a listing (where showing service selection is made) and on the listing report (where appointments are scheduled with the showing service). It now says “Zillow’s ShowingTime” to ensure full understanding of the offerings.

MEMBERSHIP: The Membership Create User tool now has a new workflow, making it easier and more reliable to Activate new Users, or manage existing Users for the Membership team!



  • We updated the "trash can icon" to include the word "Clear" to indicate it will clear the criteria; we received feedback after releasing Hot Sheets that users were afraid clicking the trash can would delete their hot sheet, so we wanted to clear up any confusion :drum_with_drumsticks:
  • Using "Clear" also puts users back to a "fresh start" by clearing out previous results and unloading a saved search, if one is loaded.
  • The additional criteria tab has now been renamed to "Add Criteria" since you can now remove directly from the panel using the (x) icon and no longer have to use that modal to remove

SHOWINGS: Listing Agents now have the ability to quickly send emails to anyone that has shown or is scheduled to show their listing. This helps with things like letting buyer agents know there is a multiple offer situation, offers are due by xx/xx, listing is under contract, or even - in a different type of market - that the price was reduced. Here’s how it works:


AUTO NOTIFY PRINTED REPORTS: Auto Notify has been updated to include One-Page and Full print options for printing the full listing report.


CLIENT DASHBOARD: Updated to include “Homes I’m Selling” links to provide an additional path to the client-facing Showing Portal for contact(s) identified in an on market listing as the Seller(s). Check it out!


WITHDRAWN > CANCELLED: The Withdrawn listing status has been renamed to Cancelled. Please note the change affects the name of the status only, and there is no change to how the status is used or the policies and procedures related to the status.

REMARKS: We now display all public and private remarks on the web versions of listing reports. Previously, they were truncated and additional content was visible in modals.

MEMBERSHIP: The Membership Create/Edit form has been updated to use the same format as the new User Profile. With this change, we now have 1 "User" form in the product!


LISTINGS MANAGEMENT: We have loosened the restriction that prevented agents from entering a close price that differs by more than +/- 25% from list price. There is now a soft warning in place for anything +/- 10% and agents won’t be required to have their broker close the listing for them. As part of this work, we also addressed a bug in Quick Edit that was not firing off the list price warning to alert users to a large (+/- 10%) list price increase/decrease.


LISTINGS MANAGEMENT, ACTION ITEMS: As a reminder, the action items (along with targeted emails) serve to raise awareness about listing updates to agents who have listings that are being imported from another MLS.

We’ve updated the action item logic - with the goal of noise reduction - to automatically remove the following “to do” items from the Action Item list:

  • Informative action items if/when they age 7 days
  • New listing action item (saying they need to make a listing active) if/when the listing status is changed
  • Any action item if/when the associated listing is manually edited and saved
  • Any action item if/when a listing goes to a final state (withdrawn, closed, expired)


  • Zip Codes: Users can paste comma-delimited lists of zip codes into rt4 Zip Code field.


NEW PRINT OPTIONS: Based on recent user feedback we've added and revised our print options when printing a full listing report. The following options are now available for Agent and Buyer reports:

  • One-Page: The listing report is formatted to fit on a single page. This involves truncating Remarks, and in rare cases may cut off bottom sections of a report, based on the amount of detail included on the report.
  • Full Report: The listing report will print in full, without truncating any remarks or cutting off any sections. If necessary, the report may spill over to print on a second page.
  • Search by State: Users can now search by state under the Additional Criteria! If State is selected, other location criteria is not required. This is available for both Listings Search and Hot Sheets.


  • Zip Codes: When entering Zip Codes into rt4 Listings Search, you can now use commas or semi-colons to add multiple zip codes to your search criteria. This is in addition to using the Tab or Enter keys in any of the typeahead fields.


LISTING MANAGEMENT: Part two of the two part improvement for publishing listings is live, including:

  • A save button in the secondary navigation (replaced ‘Save As’ dropdown menu)
  • A blue banner that appears when all listing input sections are good with “This listing looks ready to publish!” and a Publish button
  • Listing status and saved status moved to right side of listing, under save button

  • Realtracs Leads: We've updated the Agent email to always include the Listing MLS number and Address!


  • MY PROFILE: The User profile page, has been updated to use a streamlined, format!

LISTING MANAGEMENT: Earlier today we released part one of a two part improvement for publishing listings, including:

  • A new “Next” button at the bottom of the listing that navigates users from the Marketing Section to the Preview of their listing
  • A new “Publish” button at the bottom of the Preview listing page that is available to select once all listing input sections are all good (all required fields populated)


  • HOT SHEETS: You can now remove the Default setting from a Hot Sheet so that it no longer runs automatically


  • RT4 SEARCH: Multiple street names are now supported in RT4 Listings Search and Hot Sheets!


  • HOT SHEETS: Fixed a bug where saved layouts made in rt3 would not show the Reason and Previous List Price columns when used in rt4.


  • HOT SHEETS: Legacy Hot Sheets (rt3) has been turned off and any saved links will now redirect to rt4.


  • Client Dashboard: We’ve added the quick search function to our dashboard that’s accessed via the client sign in process to improve the empty state and in preparation for adding a ‘Homes I’m Selling’ section



  • We now auto-update your Last Search Date every time you search using this as your starting point.
  • Removed manual Timestamp button to coincide with this auto-update
  • When changes are made to a saved Hot Sheet, we show that the search is in an unsaved state and prompt the user to save their changes in order to continue updating their Last Search Date.


  • LISTINGS: A little listing field and data cleanup…. the ‘Deck’ and ‘Patio’ options were removed from the ever-shrinking Miscellaneous Other field (RES, RNT) and data migrated to the Patio & Porch Features field.


  • PROFILE: We've removed the Realtracs email settings (Host/Forward) and the Listing Signature from the My Profile page, into their own page, select your name in the right corner to select Email Settings!


  • SHOWINGS: We now default all new listings to use the Realtracs Showing Service. Previously, we were only defaulting to Realtracs Showings when the user did not have a ShowingTime account.

UPDATES RELEASED February 24, 2022

  • LISTING MANAGEMENT: We’ve added “Conventional” as a listing field value option under Buyer Financing. This came up during our work with Chattanooga, and rather than just assuming Conventional applied, they requested being able to explicitly add it. :handshake:  Now it’s mapped in the listing import process as well.

UPDATES RELEASED February 22, 2022

  • SHOWINGS: Printing capabilities are now available for both Showing Feedback on listed properties and Buyer Showing Appointments
  • SHOWINGS: Seller contact(s) identified in Showing Settings now have the ability to cancel future showing appointments. This will help sellers when they’re in a bind and can’t get in touch with their agent.

UPDATES RELEASED February 18, 2022

  • TRAINING: Training History is now Training Management! Trainers may now create, edit, and closeout or cancel classes using Training Management!
  • HOT SHEETS: We've added a Timestamp button to make it easier to save a Hot Sheet with an updated date/time for the Search Start Date.

UPDATES RELEASED February 16, 2022

  • Multi-State Licensing: My Profile and User Management now support adding and updating Users with multiple State licenses!
  • SHOWINGS: We’ve updated the “My Buyers” view to include an option to select showing appointments and create a Cloud CMA Buyer Tour. From there, agents can add in additional stops (for appointments not in Realtracs) to plan out their day of showings, reorganize their stops, etc.

UPDATES RELEASED February 15, 2022

  • AUTO NOTIFY: It's now easier than ever to add and update clients on an Auto Notify:

- Auto Notify Settings has been updated with a button to Add Clients to this Search

- Select Contacts modal includes the checkboxes for selecting multiple contacts at once, as well as a button to Create a New Contact from scratch

UPDATES RELEASED February 11, 2022

  • SHOWINGS: Listing agents can now limit the number of overlapping showing appointments that can be scheduled per time slot with a new optional field. This is only available when “Overlap Showing Times” is selected.

UPDATES RELEASED February 10, 2022

  • User Profile: We've adjusted the Agent License display to use a more readable format: "TN License #: 123456"
  • HOT SHEETS BETA: RT4 Hot Sheets is now available for all users!
  • SHOWINGS: We now send an email to the listing agent when a showing agent submits new feedback about their listing. The email includes the feedback details and the contact information of the agent that submitted.
  • PAGE TITLES:The following pages now include page titles for web browser tabs. Additional pages to follow:

    - Listings Search

    - Hot Sheets

    - Favorites

UPDATES RELEASED February 8, 2022

  • HOT SHEETS: We have recently released a number of improvements to Hot Sheets, including:
  • Activity Summary: A quick glance at all market activity since the search start date, broken down by Listing Activity type. Reason column (List View)
  • Previous List Price (List View): This column is still compiling data, starting as of about mid-morning today, so changes to List Price prior to today won't currently appear in the Previous List Price column of Hot Sheets. We will continue to let this bake for a few days, so that when users begin to use this up to the max Hot Sheet time of 7 days, all of the data will be populated.

UPDATES RELEASED February 7, 2022

  • SHOWINGS: We added a little note about seller showing ‘restrictions’ to the appointment scheduler. The note is driven off of the new Minimum Notice to Show field and is meant to help minimize the calls to listing agents for last minute appointments / impromptu drive by visits when a desired time slot isn’t available.

We now send the showing appointment feedback request to showing agents ~ 2 hours after the completion of the appointment (previously 15 minutes).

  • LISTING MANAGEMENT: We’ve updated the Save As process in listings to default to ‘Active’ status. This change — done in an effort to help minimize calls to Support — is an improvement from our previous implementation where we showed the current status of ‘Incomplete’ when first entering. 

UPDATES RELEASED February 2, 2022

  • SHOWINGS: We’ve added a new Minimum Notice Required field that adds a buffer to scheduling availability and supports a seller’s need to prep/clean/vacate prior to a showing. Max value is 24 hours and we support 1/2 hour increments.

UPDATES RELEASED January 27, 2022

  • SHOWINGS: Listing Agents can now opt to share showing feedback directly with their seller via the seller’s showing portal. Along with this change, we moved a few things around in the Showings settings.
  • Listings agents can select up to two of their contacts to include as Sellers. Both sellers receive notifications about new showing requests, have a showing portal to keep up with and respond to requests, and can even see feedback when the listing agent shares it with them.
  • Beta tag has been removed.
  • Showing Appointments: My Listings view with the new My Buyers view, including:

    - Going from 3 down to 2 tabs (Appointments + Feedback)

    - Adding filtering capability for Upcoming / All

    - Adopting a ‘Cancel’ button (vs. trashcan icon)

  • Buyers Agents now have an easy way to view and manage their Realtracs Showings appointments and feedback. Under our new navigation menu option, they’re able to:

    - View all Requested, Accepted, and Declined showing appointment requests

    - More easily plan for a day of appointments

    - Cancel appointments from within the app (in addition to email)

    - See all pending, submitted, and expired feedback requests

    - Submit their feedback from within the app  (in addition to email)

  • Training: As the class management capabilities in Training History continue to grow, we've added the following:
    - Add a Student to a class via the Add Student typeahead
    - Students can be removed from classes via the trash icon
    - Course names for class create/edit are sorted A to Z
    - The Email feature has been moved to the fixed nav bar at the top

UPDATES RELEASED January 25, 2022

  • DRAWING TOOLS: The Rectangle drawing tool has been removed due to low usage and lack of valuable use-cases compared to the other available drawing tools.

UPDATES RELEASED January 20, 2022

  • Showing Service: To help minimize calls out to ShowingTime on listings using the Realtracs Showing Service, we’ve added a note in listing reports to designate which showing service is in use. We’ve also added Realtracs branding to our showing scheduler.
  • Additional Criteria: All search criteria currently available in our new Listings Search
  • Save Multiple Hot Sheets: This is also helping us validate what saving and loading searches will feel like in the mobile-friendly Listings Search.
  • Default Hot Sheet: A Default Hot Sheet will automatically run when you open the Hot Sheets page.

    Updated Search Start Dates: In addition to the Last Search Date/Time, you can also use Today, Yesterday, 3 Days Ago or 7 Days Ago

  • Mobile Friendly: Create and run Hot Sheets right from the Realtracs mobile app

UPDATES RELEASED January 14, 2022

  • RT3 MAP: When rt3 search pages load, the map now automatically centers over the user's office, similar to rt4.

UPDATES RELEASED January 12, 2022

  • Listings Management: We’ve added the option of “SupraLock” into Showing Service: Other to support offices that operate using the GCAR-Flex MLS (Supra is their current go-to service).

UPDATES RELEASED January 6, 2022

  • Search button label: The search button now has a label beneath the icon, so it can match the look of its icon buddies on the other side of the screen.

UPDATES RELEASED December 20, 2021

  • Listings Management: All room dimension requirements have been relaxed to help facilitate easier listing data import and listing management for our new friends transitioning from another MLS over to Realtracs

             (Bedroom 1, Living Room, and Kitchen were previously required and are now optional)

UPDATES RELEASED December 13, 2021

  • Remarks: As part of our work for Chattanooga, we've recently updated the Public and Private remarks to the following limits:
  • Public: 800 (formerly 500)
  • Private: 500 (formerly 300

Since this will change how our listing reports appear on the webpage and on a printed page, we are also making the following updates to correspond with this. When listing reports include more than the previous character limits (500/300) we'll do 2 things: 

  • add a more link to the end of the remarks field which will open up a modal overlay to show remarks in their entirety , truncate the printed report to the previous limit (500/300) so as to not make the printed report be longer than 1 page.
  • This will allow us to continue to update Remarks as needed without impacting reports.

UPDATES RELEASED December 9, 2021

  • Training: Training registration emails now contain an "Add to Calendar" option! We've also updated the format and content! 

UPDATES RELEASED December 8, 2021

  • Showing Service: We’ve improved notifications to ensure that all parties (listing agent, buyer agent & co-list agent, seller when applicable) are informed about appointment updates. This includes the addition of a new notification to inform list/co-list agents when the seller takes action on a pending request.
  • Add User: Broker Add requests for existing, Inactive Users, will now update the Inactive User contact info

UPDATES RELEASED December 2, 2021

  • Showing Service: Buyer’s Agents can now cancel their own showing appointments via a new Cancel This Appointment link found in their showing appointment email.
  • SHARE/PRINT LISTING REPORTS: We've updated Auto Notify to work the same as Listings Search. As a reminder, when viewing the Full Listing Reports and selecting some listings, users will now be prompted to either Share/Print the Current Report or the Selected Report(s)

UPDATES RELEASED November 30, 2021

  • Showing Service: All showing appointment SMS/text messages now include the day of the week and appointment time range.
  • Showing Service: The Realtracs Showing Service is now available for use with Commercial listings!

UPDATES RELEASED November 23, 2021

  • SHARE/PRINT LISTING REPORTS: When viewing the Full Listing Reports and selecting some listings, users will now be prompted to either Share/Print the Current Report or the Selected Report(s)
  • Training: The Training History tool now includes a sortable "Attended" column, allowing our CHR's to more easily identify class participation!

UPDATES RELEASED November 22, 2021

  • Listing Management: Agents can now include up to a whopping 70 photos on their listings (an increase of 20)

Realtracs Leads: 

  • The RT Leads feature is live on our public listing and Agent contact tools!
  • Consumers visiting, will now have a "Contact Me About This Property" option, front and center on every listing!
  • Anyone viewing an Agent contact modal either from a listing or from the Find a REALTOR search, will see an option to "Contact Agent"!

UPDATES RELEASED November 18, 2021

  •  Training: We've added sorting to sort relevant columns on the Training History tool!

UPDATES RELEASED November 17, 2021

  • Additional Criteria Enhancement: We have added the ability to remove additional search criteria in the left-panel. Users will not need to open the "add/remove criteria" modal to remove once added (although, they can still remove it from there if they do open the modal).

Showing Service:

  • The appointment scheduler modal now shows available appointment duration
  • The appointment scheduler confirmation modal now includes day of the week, start time, and end time
  • The automated process to notify showing agent of off market status has been updated to send text messages in addition to emails

Listing Management:

  • Listings can now support up to 10 document (PDF) attachments. The max was formerly 7 and was bumped to accommodate targeted expansion areas.

UPDATES RELEASED November 10, 2021

  • Showing Service Update: We’ve added a new SMS message that lets a seller contact (who has been identified in the listing’s Showing Settings) know when a showing appointment for their property is cancelled. This helps the listing agent ensure they’re promptly getting word to the seller about schedule changes.
  • Auto Notify now has a grid drawer! In order to provide a consistent experience across the app, we added the grid drawer to Auto Notify! 
  • If client feedback is enabled, client engagements will appear in the grid drawer.
  • Grid drawer is also visible for clients and will also show if an agent had starred a particular listing.

UPDATES RELEASED November 9, 2021

  • All Realtracs emails now include links to our mobile app!

UPDATES RELEASED November 5, 2021

  • Showing Service: We’ve added the option for listing agents to choose their own notification preference to Text, Email, or Both. This is for inbound showing appointment request notifications. The default selection is set to Text message.
  • Updated the primary navigation (top menu) to hide the “Showing Activity” option for users who are not listing properties.
  • Fixed an issue with the “Off Market and Not Available for Showing” date in listings — it was defaulting to 30 days out rather than showing either expiration date or off market date based on status change.
  • Updated the Share menu options for Full Reports in Search, Favorites and Auto Notify to clarify that sharing only applies to the current listing

UPDATES RELEASED November 3, 2021

  • More enhancements: Users can use the arrow keys to navigate through full reports within Auto Notify. This feature is available through all the full reports now.
  • Secondary Navigation: The secondary navigation tools in rt3/rt4 Search now include Labels with their respective icons. This will help to enhance the discoverability of these tools, especially with the new navigation in rt3.

UPDATES RELEASED November 2, 2021

  • When you click "Add/Remove Criteria" and make a selection, we auto-scroll to the bottom so that it's clear it was added to the search panel.
  • (This went out last week), but we updated HOA to a "Yes/No" chip selection, so that it will work like the other filters. It is no longer a binary Yes/No toggle

UPDATES RELEASED October 28, 2021

  • Auto Notify: Agents and their clients can now enable push notifications as a method of delivery for Auto Notify results and for feedback (likes and comments)
  • The public can now "walk the property lines."  Big shout out to CRS for getting us permission to use their data for this "public" purpose.
  • Showing Service: The selling (aka showing or buying) agent’s contact information is readily available in the Showing Activity page to make it easier for listing agents to reach out as needed.

UPDATES RELEASED October 27, 2021

  • Showing Service: Sellers who are set up to view and/or manage their listing showing activity will now be prompted to agree to our terms of use and privacy policy upon their initial visit to their showing portal.
  • Showing Service: Beta is open and available for all users

UPDATES RELEASED October 25, 2021

Showing Service: Listing agents now have the ability to obtain and review showing feedback when using our service. This feature includes:

  • A ‘Request Feedback’ toggle in the showing service settings (defaults to ON)
  • One automated email — sent to the selling agent — requesting their feedback after the appointment
  • A survey form with a rating and comment section
  • A new Feedback tab in the listing agent’s Showing Activity page that displays both ‘requested’ and completed feedback

UPDATES RELEASED October 22, 2021

  • CMA: You can now right-click to open a CMA report in a new tab

UPDATES RELEASED October 19, 2021

  •  Additional Criteria has been released! Agents can now search on: Construction, Community Amenities, Waterfront, Basement Type, Pool Description, Association (HOA), and Public Remarks! 
  • Public Remarks keywords can be separated by commas (no more wildcards). Options are available through "Add/Remove Criteria" in the RT4 Search Panel.

UPDATES RELEASED October 18, 2021

  • User Profile: Fixed a bug requiring an Agent License number for Non-Licensed (Office Staff, RT Staff, etc.) Users.
  • RT3: The new subnav is officially live and the toggle has been removed from the UI.
  • User Profile: Fixed a bug requiring an Agent License number for Non-Licensed (Office Staff, RT Staff, etc.) Users.

UPDATES RELEASED October 15, 2021

Showing Service: Added the ability to customize showing appointment duration by offering 15, 30, and 60 minute options where it was previously preset to 30 minutes.

UPDATES RELEASED October 12, 2021

Showing Service: The data feed that Showing Time consumes was updated to exclude listings that use the Realtracs Showing Service. This change should help minimize confusion and friction that has arisen by:

  • Eliminating the automatic prompts agents (who are using the new service rather than showing time)  receive via email requesting they fill out Showing Time settings
  • Removing the need for Realtracs Showing Service users to sign into Showing Time and manually opt out of using that service for EVERY listing where they choose to use the Realtracs Showing Service
  • Preventing the Showing Time concierge/virtual assistant service from attempts to schedule showing appointments in Showing Time (for listing using RT Showings) and the stream of follow on emails

UPDATES RELEASED October 6, 2021

  • Showing Service: Showing service now supports adding appointments to your calendar!  When an appointment is approved the confirmation email, sent to the buying agent, now contains a button which allows the user to add the event to their default calendar application (works on mobile devices and on desktop)

UPDATES RELEASED October 5, 2021

Public Office Search: We've added the following:

  • Office Agent Roster section, displaying all the Agents in the selected Office.
  • Office Listings! The Office Landing page now dynamically displays 1 to 5 listing tiles, representing the "newest" listings available, with a "View All Listings" option below the tiles to view all Coming Soon, Active, and UCS listings.
  • Back button, a Landing page back button, this will only be visible when a Visitor views an Office page from the Office search, if the Office page URL is shared, or used in other ways, the back button won't be visible.

UPDATES RELEASED October 4, 2021

  • Public Office Search: Now supports Agent name search results! Agent searches will return the office associated with the agent. Also as part of this work, MP&F has updated the wording directing visitors to the Office search page to be "Realtor" focused.

UPDATES RELEASED September 30, 2021

  • Subnav: Users can now access "Cloud CMA" from the full report. We had previously only shown this option on the results view, but added to a full report.

UPDATES RELEASED September 29, 2021

  • Additional Criteria: We have added Beds Main to the search criteria for both agents and public users!
  • SHOWING SERVICE: Listing agents now have the option to select an “Overlapping Showings” setting, which allows multiple showing appointments for the same date/time.

UPDATES RELEASED September 28, 2021

  • SUBNAV: Users are now automatically opted-in to the new navigation experience. They can continue to opt-out and return to the previous experience, but it will be turned back on at midnight each night. Old navigation is slated to be turned off completely on October 18. We've updated our Pendo guide with this information.

UPDATES RELEASED September 27, 2021

  • Stats: When running a Stats report in both RT3+subnav on and RT4, it will remain on the Stats page when running subsequent searches.
  • Showing Service: Listing agents can now select the start and end times for standard showing appointment availability (previously had a default availability from 8:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m.)

UPDATES RELEASED September 23, 2021

  • Showing Service: This morning we released an enhancement for the Showing Activity page (where all showing appointments for an agent’s listings are shown). We’ve visually separated upcoming appointments, added a search by MLS/address option, and introduced the concept of an expired showing request.
  • Broker Branding: We've added the enhanced Broker Branding to the Agent display in Client Portal!

UPDATES RELEASED September 21, 2021

  • Update to Auto Notify to allow users to filter by Selected Results Only. This not only allows users to focus their search efforts within AN, but also brings consistency among the different search areas within Realtracs.
  • Membership: The Training History section of the User Support Page now links back to the full class in the Training History tool!
  • Showing Service: Added the ability for listing agents and sellers to comment on the “Reason” when declining a new showing appointment request or cancelling an existing one. These comments are also included in email messages that get sent to the selling agent. Default reason comments are included when an automated cancellation results from a listing no longer being available for showings.

UPDATES RELEASED September 17, 2021

  • Map Centering: We updated the Map Centering tool so that a pinned location will remain pinned until the page is refreshed, or the Clear Search button is used to reset search back to its initial state. Previously, a pin was removed when another location-based search was performed.
  • Client Engagements Design & Interaction: Likes and Comments have received some much-needed improvements to make it easier than ever to provide feedback on listings. Likes and Dislikes have been separated into separate buttons, and the visual style of all engagements have been updated for a more intuitive user experience.

UPDATES RELEASED September 16, 2021

  • Client Notification Preferences: Clients may now manage notification preferences for Auto Notifies that they receive. They can turn on and off their email notifications, as well as unsubscribe completely from an Auto Notify. Once released, they will also be able to enable Push Notifications as part of these settings. They can access these settings from their client portal, as well as a link in the bottom of each automatic email they receive.

UPDATES RELEASED September 14, 2021

  • View Client Notification Preferences: In preparation for adding Push Notifications, you can now see the methods of communication your clients have selected for this Auto Notify. Currently, Email is the only option, but once Push Notifications are added, you’ll be able to see whether clients have selected Email, Push or both types of notifications.
  • Deactivate Auto Notify: **Deactivating an Auto Notify will (1) stop searching for new matches, (2) disable all notifications, and (3) remove a client’s access to the Auto Notify results. Deactivated Auto Notifies do NOT count toward the number of free Auto Notifies in your pricing tier when Auto Notify pricing changes on October 1st. Deactivated Auto Notifies are placed into the Inactive tab in Auto Notify Manager, and can be reactivated by opening the Settings for that Auto Notify.
  •  Public Office Search: Searching for a member Office by Office Name is now supported!
  • Filter Columns field: The typeahead filter field at the top of Add/Remove columns is now sticky, so you will always see it when browsing for new columns to add or remove from your list view.

UPDATES RELEASED September 10, 2021

  • Listings: We've updated the Agent & Office modals on listing views, to include Broker logos and social information!
  • People: Member Search now also includes the updated Broker Branding!

UPDATES RELEASED September 9, 2021

  • Showing Service: We’ve just released new showing schedule restrictions functionality to help our users prevent showings for a whole day or for a specific time range on a day. These are often referred to as “black out dates/times” and help those sellers celebrating their kid’s birthday party with ten kids spending the night, etc.

UPDATES RELEASED September 7, 2021

  • Expansion: We've made it simpler, faster, and reduced risk, when we on-board new States in the future, for Listing and Search access!

UPDATES RELEASED September 3, 2021

  • SEARCH (rt3 & rt4): Navigate between Full listing reports by using the: arrow keys on your keyboard. This has been an existing rt3 feature and is now part of the rt4 experience.

UPDATES RELEASED August 31, 2021


  • NEW SUBNAV is live in RT3! This is an opt-in feature at this time for agents. A Pendo guide will be released shortly. 
  • Listings/Expansion: We've added the ability to create listings in Georgia! This change allows listings to be added in Listing Manager, and searched in our platform, as well as in CRS!

- We made this change as, particularly the northern section of GA is important to Brokers in the Chattanooga market!

  • Auto Notify: Clients can now unsubscribe and re-subscribe to automatic email notifications. The "Click Here" link to discontinue receiving automatic emails will take users to a page to "Unsubscribe from this Search?". The same link can be used for clients to also re-subscribe so they can continue to automatically receive updates. Agents will also receive a notification email when clients unsubscribe and resubscribe to their Auto Notify.
  • Showing Service: We’ve introduced “Go and show” capability that supports new showing request auto-acceptance. This is a new setting within a listing and is especially helpful for managing showings related to vacant or land properties.

UPDATES RELEASED August 27, 2021

  • Membership: We've separated Appraiser Offices from Realtor Offices in the "Participant Office" category, providing these offices with their own "Appraiser Participant Office", "type", to better track and display Realtor focused information.

UPDATES RELEASED August 26, 2021

  • Address links: When viewing results on Grid, List or Map views, Address links will always open the corresponding listing report. When on the listing report, the Address links will always open a map service (Google Maps, etc)
  • Under Contract - Not Showing: Listings in this status will now show “Not Showing” as its status sign (see screenshot)
  • Public Office Search: We've made several enhancements to the styling, layout, and functionality of the Public Office Search, integrating the navigation and styling more in-line with our public MP&F page!
  • Showing Service: Recent updates ensure that co-list agents — at the same office as the listing agent — receive new appointment request text message notifications and have the ability to take action on both new requests and existing appointments (accept/decline/cancel).

UPDATES RELEASED August 24, 2021

Showing Service: Updated the Change Status modal in Listing Management to include information regarding any pending or accepted showing appointments being closed out due to certain changes in status (or extension of Coming Soon status).

Auto Notify: Updated Auto Notify to allow ALL clients to create a linked account, regardless of whether their agent has enabled Feedback or not.

  • Clients who have not yet created a linked account will always see a Create Account link in their Auto Notify emails until they do so. (left screenshot)
  • In addition, those same clients will also see a modal the first time they visit their Auto Notify, explaining the benefits of creating an account including enhanced use of our mobile apps!

UPDATES RELEASED August 23, 2021

Auto Notify Settings: Updated the Auto Notify Settings modal with a simplified layout. This update also includes a corresponding Pendo tour to help guide users through changes to the workflow.

UPDATES RELEASED August 19, 2021

Showing Service: We have added text messaging to selling agent communications for the following scenarios:

  • Requested showing appointment accepted
  • Requested showing appointment declined
  • Showing appointment cancelled (previously accepted)

We have added the following automated processes for A) listings that go from a state where appointments can be requested (CS, Active, UC Showing) to a state where showings are no longer occurring (UC Not Showing, Closed, Expired, Withdrawn) and B) listings where the Coming Soon ‘Make Active On’ date is pushed out:

  • Auto-cancel all previously approved appointments A) after current date/time or B) between current date/time and new Make Active On Date
  • Decline all pending appointments A) after current date/time or B) between current date/time and new Make Active On Date

UPDATES RELEASED August 16, 2021

The Realtracs maps that the CHRs and select customers have been beta-testing for the last couple of months have now been enabled for all customers.  These maps feature:

  • Darker text with more contrast making city names and points of interest easier to read
  • More parks and points of reference
  • Larger street names for easier reading
  • More aggressive caching on individual devices for faster load times (especially mobile).
  • Significantly reduces the financial risks for us due to ESRI licensing changes.

Map Improvement: We have released a usability improvement for the Map + Grid result view.

  •  When selecting an individual item from the Grid Drawer, we will no longer auto-scroll the listing to the center of the page prior to allowing the user to click through to a full report.  This should make browsing and exploring search results even easier!
  • We will still continue scroll the listing to the center of the drawer when a user clicks on an individual sign on the map.

UPDATES RELEASED August 10, 2021

Public Office Search: The Acquire & Engage squad is happy to announce the release of the Public Office Search!

  • This enhancement allows visitors to to search for Realtor member offices that are part of the Realtracs family!
  • This search tool provides basic roster information, and incorporates the recent Broker branding enhancements to display logos, socials, and bio's (About Us), in a neutral design "Landing page", to allow the Broker information to take center stage!
  • Look for future enhancements to include more ways to search, Agent roster, and Office listing information!
  • Until MPN&F turns on the updated homepage, you can visit the launch page here:

Listing Data Syndication: - We’ve removed the following Internet Advertising options from MLS-wide syndication:

  1. Homesnap
  3. ListHub
  4. Showingly

(Brokers still have the option to send their data to these publishers via MLS Grid)


  • Member Support: We've updated the Sentrilock sign-up process for our Support and Association teams to make it easier and more secure to sign-up new Sentri Users


Showing Service: We’ve just released our new Showing Service to a small group of early beta users. This beta feature set includes:

  • New Realtracs Showing option in ‘Office and Showing’ section of listings, including associated showing settings
  • Showing appointment scheduling for 30-minute duration between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. daily
  • Option to allow the seller to manage showing requests (must add seller contact to listing)
  • Text message notifications to listing agent (and seller, if applicable) of showing appointment requests
  • Email notifications of showing appointment ‘status’ to selling agent (including appointment requested, request accepted, request declined, appointment cancelled)
  • A new listing field for property timezone to help ensure people show up to appointments at the right time (important in Eastern TN)
  • Seller’s Showing Portal for appointment management


  • Office Profile: We've updated the Office Profile page even further to now include the option for an Office Logo/Photo! In future, we'll be releasing further updates to display applicable logos and other enhanced Office information, in many areas of Realtracs where we display Office info!


  • Office Profile: Offices can now share socials information (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter) as well as an "About Us" field, to provide enhanced Broker branding for the upcoming public Office Search!


  • Sharing listings on Facebook: We just released a fix to ensure that Facebook correctly shows the primary image for a listing in the post preview and the post itself.


  • Membership: We've moved the CHR assignment tool from the Office Support page to the Office Edit page. (To fix a bug! Office Support will still display the assigned CHR)


  • RT4 Stats: Fixed an issue where the Stats report was not taking into account map drawings when determining the result set.


  • Listing History: We've incorporated an updated "Property Log" menu, into Listing Manager called "Listing Log", and empowered the Data Compliance team (Cindy and Crew!) to be able to hide Agent/Broker errors related to Status or Price!


  • Map Drawing: You can now update the radius of a circle shape drawn on the map by typing in your own mileage.
  • Map Improvements: Map performance is even better! Still working on additional improvements.


  • Listings Management: Heating and Cooling information in the Utilities section of a listing has been consolidated into two fields (from four) to simplify listing entry, align with RESO Data Dictionary standards, and allow us to ensure this information can be accurately shared via the GRID data feed. Updates were made to approximately 1.8 million listing records, 400 saved searches, data feed mapping, and the UI in listings management/listing reports/list view/additional search criteria. Updates to our listing forms are forthcoming.


We are working hard to improve the performance of the new map and released our first batch of work today related to map optimizations.  Some of these changes you may notice:

  • Zip code labels didn’t always render in the middle of a zip code boundary. This has been resolved.
  • Map push pins (with prices) now have a slightly more modern feel
  • Map pan/zoom/scroll behavior is much smoother
  • Flood layers load and render faster
  • “Re-clustering” is faster when zooming in and out on the map

And we’ve upgraded to the latest version of ESRI, which we hope will yield lower memory and CPU usage

More performance improvements to come.  Stay tuned!


  • Removed the Listing Agreement Signed date from the Property History section of listing reports for Public Web.
  • Map Clustering: Show fewer map clusters (and more individual map pins) when on non-mobile/tablet devices.
  • Address Centering: Reduced zoom level when centering map on a subject property to improve experience of creating CMAs.


  • Photo Gallery: Fixed an issue where the correct image was not being downloaded if browsing through multiple images
  • Map + Grid: Highlighting a map pin or grid card will scroll to their corresponding results when switching to List or Thumbnail View. This will make it easier to maintain context when a user wants to see more details about a mapped listing.


  • Office Profile: The Office Profile page (Admin > Office Profile) has been updated to a clean, modern, mobile friendly page!


Auto Notify Agent/Contact/Client List View

  • Refreshed design based on listings search list view 
  • A new default AN list view that includes Subdivision
  • Quickly add/remove columns using the gear button
  • Click+drag columns to reorganize layout dynamically
  • Contacts/Clients see the layout their agent sets up
  • Layout changes are auto-saved and unique to each Auto Notify


  • List + Map (everywhere!):  Our brand new List + Map printed report has been added to all the places!


  • List + Map (rt4): A brand new List + Map printed report has been added to rt4! (We will be adding the new version to rt3 & Auto Notify in the near future.)

- Auto Notify Client Feedback: Based on some recent user feedback, we’ve updated the Client Feedback column in Auto Notify Manager, to show N/A rather than disabled, as it was causing some users to worry that their Auto Notify searches had been disabled, rather than just the Feedback.


  • Auto Notify Client Views: The Views column has been updated to show when results have not yet been shared with contacts. This scenario arises when manually sharing results with contacts in “concierge mode”. This also removes the need for a separate “Emailed” column.

    Auto Notify Result Visibility: Results are now available for contacts to view online immediately when matched. Email notifications will still send based on agent’s settings.


  • Membership: We now support Office/Agent "Trial" memberships with the addition of the "FreeTrial" waiver option in Membership! Allowing our Membership team to easily onboard new users that want to experience all that Realtracs has to offer!


  • Agents may now manually add a listing to an Auto Notify. RTv4 and RTv3 share menus have been updating with an option to "Add to Auto Notify". The Reason on the listing will show "Agent Added" and the engagement history will show this if the listing was originally added by the agent.

  • RT4 Search Criteria: The search criteria panel now shows if your criteria includes Map Drawings and/or is ‘Searching This Area / Near Me’. It allows you to easily make updates to your criteria without leaving this panel.


  • Auto Notify Manager now shows you which AutoNotifies have client portal enabled (or disabled).  Just take a peek at the "Feedback" column (which used to be labeled "Activity")


  • Auto Notify Client Views: Auto Notify has been updated to show the number of client Views for all Auto Notify searches that include at least 1 contact. Previously this was only enabled for Client Portals.

    Stats (rt4): The Stats report in rt4 now supports viewing Selected Results as well as All Results.


  • We've released an update to the list view in Auto Notify that adds a column to show the agent the results their clients are looking at the most. Check out the new "Views" column!


  • MAP + GRID (rt3): When using the map to search for listings in rt3, users can now scroll through an image-rich grid that corresponds to the mapped results.
  • We've released a bunch of "under the hood" changes to make Auto Notify and Client Portal faster and more scalable.  And as a fun side effect, Client Portal comments now support emoticons, so go get your emoji's out.


  • Center Map: Updated visual design of map centering tool in rt4.
  • Auto Notify: Removed Activity History in preparation for future enhancements.
  • List View: Updated default sort to include List Price as a secondary sort.


  • CLIENT PORTAL: When a client is logged in to view client portals, they are still able to search using RT4. We have updated search to only show them the buying-client version of the full report that does NOT include Listing Agent info.
  • PHOTOS: We have added zoom buttons to full-screen photos when viewing on a non-mobile device.


  • CMA: Updated CMA Settings modals to use our new form design & typeahead fields.
  • Membership: We’ve released an update to include agent and office TREC license information in the weekly roster update files that we send to associations to help them reconcile the changes more quickly.


  • RT3: Fixed an issue where rt3 would sometimes show an erroneous message asking you to perform (another) search before saving an Auto Notify.


  • EXTERNAL LINKS: Fixed an issue where third-party links(e.g. Cloud CMA) would sometimes take you to a login screen rather than the correct URL.


  • LISTINGS MANAGEMENT: To improve listing status accuracy and support processes for both Auto Notify and “For Comp Purposes Only,” listings can now go directly from Incomplete status to any of the following statuses:
    • Coming Soon/Hold
    • Active
    • Under Contract - Showing
    • Under Contract - Not Showing
    • Closed

     - This can be found under Save -> Save as...

  • HOT SHEETS: Coming Soon and On Hold are now included in the list of Activity types for Hot Sheet search criteria
  • RT4 SEARCH: Updated a field label from Lot Size to Acres to more accurately reflect the search criteria
  • Auto Notify now allows up to 1000 results whether they are Saved / Starred by Agent or not.


  • Photo Zooming: We have improved the stability and user experience for zooming individual listing photos on mobile devices.
  • Training History: The Training History page has been updated with a new features and a new look!


  • LISTINGS: We now prohibit the deletion of all images from a listing (must retain a primary image when in status other than Incomplete).
  • Just released a new version of the Android app with enhanced android back button support that navigates back through and closes modals before navigating back through pages.


  • Coming Soon / Hold listings can now be searched for on our public site.
  • Coming Soon / Hold status can now be added to Auto Notifies that send to Contacts.

UPDATES RELEASED February 23, 2021

  • LISTINGS: Listing reports now include specific badges and “Learn More” for both Coming Soon and On Hold listings. The Search results list view status column has also been updated to distinguish these two different sub categories in the the Coming Soon/Hold status (if DOM = 0, then “Coming Soon”

UPDATES RELEASED February 22, 2021

  • LISTINGS MANAGEMENT: We’ve removed the default selection for Market Publicly (previously “Share Listing On Internet”) in listings and now require listing agents to visit the Marketing section of a listing to make their selection. There is also more information about where listings go based upon the Yes/No selection AND about where listings go no matter what.

UPDATES RELEASED February 17, 2021

  • USER MANAGEMENT: As of today, we support a new transfer process that allows an accepting office to “request” that an agent come to their office via the Add User process (before today, only a releasing office was allowed to initiate an agent transfer). The releasing broker is presented with a “Release” option in User Management that allows them to process any necessary listing updates (assign, transfer, or withdraw any Active and Coming Soon listings) and complete the transfer. Additionally, brokers/admins can now see when an agent transfer will expire to help make the process more transparent.

UPDATES RELEASED February 12, 2021

  • An "app" for both iOS and Android.   Both are available in their respective stores.
  • We will start promoting/advertising their availability next week.

UPDATES RELEASED February 11, 2021

  • USER MANAGEMENT: We now allow brokers/admins to add new agents. The process includes license number and first/last name validation. Additionally, we automatically transfer the requested user from the orphanage if the agent was previously active in our system.
  • LISTING MANAGEMENT: Per our updated rules, we now require a minimum of one photo for all listings prior to them being made ‘Active’ or ‘Coming Soon’ (exception: “To Be Built”).
  • MAP + GRID: When using the map to search for listings in rt4, users can now scroll through an image-rich grid that corresponds to the mapped results.

UPDATES RELEASED February 9, 2021

  • MEMBERSHIP: The User Support page inside Membership, now includes User Training History at the bottom!

UPDATES RELEASED February 8, 2021

  • RT4 Search: Subdivision allows searching by multiple values. Also fixed an issue with not accepting apostrophes.
  • Client Portal: Clients can now login through the app (or website) without an email link and see a snapshot of details for each search, including New Results, New Activity, Last Updated Date and their Agent’s info.

UPDATES RELEASED February 5, 2021

  • USER MANAGEMENT: Brokers/admins now have an online form for requesting Appraiser Trainees, Office Staff, and Personal Assistants… no more pdfs+faxes/emails. The details from the form automatically create the user in the app and generate a Freshdesk ticket for Membership to manually verify the request and activate the new user.

UPDATES RELEASED February 4, 2021

  • MOBILE: Clicking the Realtracs logo in the primary-nav takes you to rt4 search


UPDATES RELEASED February 3, 2021

  • AUTO NOTIFY: Added filtering options for viewing only Likes or Dislikes.


UPDATES RELEASED February 2, 2021

  • The List Date aka “Date of Signed Listing Agreement” constraint — that forced the date to be within past 3 days of current day — has been lifted for RES, LLF, COM, and MUL listings.

UPDATES RELEASED February 1, 2021

  • USER MANAGEMENT: Replaced old RT3 ‘Add Agent’ and ‘Add Appraiser’ forms with new RT4 form (still creates a new Freshdesk ticket when user is added).

UPDATES RELEASED January 29, 2021

  • List View Sorting:  When sorting by Listing Status, the sort order has been updated to better reflect the flow of a transaction through the system.

UPDATES RELEASED January 27, 2021


  • Quick Search:  When Quick Search is used to find a single listing by MLS number or Address, the listing now includes a Back button so that users can view that listing on a map and explore the area.

UPDATES RELEASED January 26, 2021

  • List View Documents: A link to the Documents modal is now available in the Media column for listings that include docs.

UPDATES RELEASED January 22, 2021

  • Users can now download 500+ listings in rt4.
  • Downloads are now disabled/hidden when using the mobile app.

UPDATES RELEASED January 19, 2021

  • CMA Report: Improved integration with rt4! When navigating back to listings from CMA, we now remember selected results, drawings on the map and other search criteria.

UPDATES RELEASED January 14, 2021


  • List View: (Re-)added row numbers to List View

UPDATES RELEASED January 7, 2021

  • Map Drawing (beta): rt4 now supports Map Drawings!

UPDATES RELEASED January 5, 2021


  • USER MANAGEMENT: We’ve released a new and improved (and mobile friendly) Transfer User interaction - including 1) creating and 2) editing transfers - to replace the current Transfer User page. These new interactions are available for “transferrable” users in the User Management page via the ellipses (…) menu.

UPDATES RELEASED December 17, 2020

  • QUICK SEARCH: You can now quickly search Residential listings by Address, City, County, School, Zip Code or MLS# without opening the search criteria panel!
  • Map Drawing: You can now click ‘Search Listings’ while using Map Tools (and without exiting!)
  • RT4 Search: Hit Enter from any search field to execute a search
  • Map Drawing: Confirm whether user wants to keep Drawings when browsing the map using ‘Search This Area

UPDATES RELEASED December 16, 2020

  • RT4 Search:  Added options to New Listings Search for handling more than 500 Results. (edited)
  • RT4 Download Listings: Added option to select your preferred List Layout in the Download Listings modal.
  • RT4 Search: Share Listings via Email
  • Auto Notify: Share selected listings (via email and hyperlink!) without allowing recipients to view previously shared results.

UPDATES RELEASED December 11, 2020

User Management:

  • We've replaced the "Add or Remove Sign in Permissions" page with a new "Edit Sign in Permissions" workflow in User Management!
  • We've replaced the "Transfer - License Retirement" interaction with a new "Remove User" option in User Management that can include license retirement or broker releases!

UPDATES RELEASED December 10, 2020


  • Add columns to the RT Default Layout without being required to save as a new layout!

UPDATES RELEASED November 24, 2020

User Management: 

  • We’ve added a search tool in the new User Management page to help midsize+ office brokers/admins quickly find the user they need to update!

UPDATES RELEASED November 19, 2020

User Management:  The new User Management page is live! It’s the first step in a series of User Admin updates and provides the following updates to our brokers and office admins:

  • a new list layout that increases visibility, including “status”
  • the ability to see and accept incoming transfers with ease
  • sort-able columns to help administer large offices
  • an ellipses (...) menu with user update options

UPDATES RELEASED November 16, 2020

  • In addition to Google and Facebook, Sign in with Apple is now live!
  • The maximum number of Saved Column Layouts within List View has been increased to 50 layouts

UPDATES RELEASED November 4, 2020

  • Users can now view the boundaries of a property with the Map Overlay on a listing report or off-market property report!
  • Realtracs now requires a sales price at closing for Commercial Auction listings.  This enables Commercial Auctions
    to be included in comps!

UPDATES RELEASED October 25, 2020

  • has been retired, and both agents and consumers now use!

UPDATES RELEASED October 22, 2020

  • Printing the Photo Gallery for a listing is now available in the Print menu. Alternately, when the Photo Gallery window is open you can use your system print command (cmd-P or ctrl-P)  to trigger a print of the Photo Gallery!
  • The New List View is available for all listings searches.  The New List View auto-saves all changes made to your custom column layouts, automatically selects layouts based on the Property Class(es) searched, supports all data columns, and is compatible with our legacy list view.  You can also create, update and save layouts within New List View!

UPDATES RELEASED October 19, 2020

  • The search capabilities of the Map Centering Tool in New Listings Search/Mobile have been expanded.  Now you can center the map using any text entered into the search box!  Example text includes "Nashville Airport" or "Lockland Dr" 

UPDATES RELEASED October 14, 2020

  • Downloading listing data in .txt or .csv format is now available within New Listings Search/Mobile!

UPDATES RELEASED October 7, 2020

  • Deal Summary Stats are now available within Member Search.  The Deal Summary Stats page displays a rolling 12 Month Listing and Selling History for any transactions where the agent that is being viewed was designated within the listing as Listing Agent, Co-Listing Agent, Selling Agent, and/or Co-Selling Agent!
  • Auto Notify and Listings now use a similar set of tools in their Results Views and Listing Details!

UPDATES RELEASED September 30, 2020

  • Users can now add Favorites from their Mobile Devices as well as from within New Listings Search!
  • Favorites can be accessed from the Search menu!
  • Favorites have been updated with a new Mobile Friendly Design!
  • Print List has been added to printed report types within New Listings Search/Mobile!
  • We've updated the Map Card image for off market listings!
  • Within New Listings Search/Mobile "Find Location" is now "Map Centering" and has a new icon and label!
  • Map Centering tool allows users to Search This Area!

UPDATES RELEASED September 29, 2020

  • Searching by Zip Code within New Listings Search/Mobile is now faster and supports tabbing immediately after Zip Code entry!

UPDATES RELEASED September 25, 2020

  • Users may now report a listing problem from the listing report to our Data team by selecting the More/!

UPDATES RELEASED Septermber 23, 2020

  • Find a Location-the map in New Listings Search/Mobile can now be centered on any Address, City, County, or Zip Code!

UPDATES RELEASED September 22, 2020

  • A Close (X) button has been added to the top right corner of the Photo Gallery and Photo Viewer!
  • An Escape Key will now close the Photo Gallery and/or exit from an individual photo back to the gallery!
  • Arrow Keys can be used to navigate between individual photos!

UPDATES RELEASED September 21, 2020

  • A new List View has been released for New Listings Search Beta/Mobile.  The new List View uses your default layouts for each property class, auto saves all changes made to custom layouts, supports all data columns, and is cross compatible with the list view in Legacy Search.  You can Create, Update, and Save layouts from within the new list view too!

UPDATES RELEASED September 15, 2020

  • A new Quick Search Form has been released.  The new Quick Search bar is located at the top of the's home page and can be used to find information for a specific property.  After running the search, the Map View will open with a link to the MLS Listing Report if the property is currently on-market.  If the property searched for his off-market a mobile-friendly Property report will display after searching.  This report includes the most common fields from the tax data!

UPDATES RELEASED September 9, 2020

  • Agent Search has been replaced by with a new, mobile friendly "Member Search". And we've updated the main navigation from Contacts to People!

UPDATES RELEASED September 4, 2020

  • The map within New Listings Search/Mobile has been updated to start up centered over the zip code for user's office!

UPDATES RELEASED September 3, 2020

  • Mobile users will now experience the new Property Report when they tap the (tax) Record link on listings.  This new report provides a mobile friendly, comprehensive Tax and Sales report!

UPDATES RELEASED August 31, 2020

  • Columns for the RealTracs Default Layouts have been updated to include City, Zip Code, and Days on Market!

UPDATES RELEASED August 20, 2020

  • Map Layers within the New Listings Search/Mobile have been updated to include toggles for Zip Code and County boundaries, as well as Flood Zones!
  • Added a Map Media Action to the Full Report in New Listings Search/Mobile that shows users where the listing is located on an interactive map!

UPDATES RELEASED August 18, 2020

  • The size of Photo Galleries, Agent Information, and other Listing Report features now appear much larger when opened within Legacy Search, Auto Notify, and Listing Management!

UPDATES RELEASED August 11, 2020

  • Per RESO standards we've made the switch from using the term "Master" to utilizing the "Primary" terminology for references to rooms and bathrooms in Realtracs!


  • Searching by price within New Listings Search/Mobile is now integrated with Listing Status.  For Closed Listings searching by price searches by Sales Price.  And for other Statuses, price searches by List Price!


  • Date range options are now available for Listings Statuses in New Listings Search/Mobile.  Select a range or enter your own Start and/or End Dates to filter down your search results!


  • Listing Reports now include the following Media Actions (when available) from buttons near the primary listing photo!


           1. Photo Gallery-View all listing photos as a single gallery.  Click on an individual photo to view it in a larger format.              Download individual photos or the entire gallery!


           2. Virtual Tour-Visit Virtual Tour links included as part of the listing!

           3. Documents-View a list of Documents attached to the listing! 


  • Users may still select Coming Soon Status in Auto Notify for agent-only notifications, but Coming Soon status is no longer auto selected with Active and Under Contract Showing when creating a new Auto Notify Search!


  • Auto Notify now supports Coming Soon listing status for agent-only notifications!
  • The styling for notification messages that appear when search criteria or map area searching produces 0 results has been updated!


  • "New Listings Search" has been updated to improve performance and match the look and feel of other recent updates!



  • The Mobile Friendly Landing page now includes a Quick Search Bar & system generated billing messages!


  • The Desktop landing page, with announcements and additional information, is now visible from Mobile friendly pages!


  • Open House tool updated to include options for Public and Realtor Livestreams!



  • Online Documentation has been renamed Help Center!


  • Auction listings no longer require/allow a List Price to be entered


  • Realtracs Mobile now includes Full Site navigation


  • Search now includes the Auction checkbox within Common Criteria!


  • Online "virtual" class registration options now available!


  • The new Edit Listing tool is live!


  • Copy Listing now uses the new Compose/Edit tool!


  • Save as Active now in Compose Listing!

        - Users now have the options to save a listing as Active during the new create listing process (don’t have to go to legacy add/edit


  • Save as Coming Soon in Compose Listing

        - Users now have the options to save a listing as “Coming Soon” during the new create listing process (don’t have to go to legacy add/edit).

UPDATES RELEASED February 19, 2020

  • Map tab now includes a Layers tool!

        - Users may now apply layers to view County and Zip borders, as well as display certain flood hazard zones!

  • Map tab drawing tool now includes a new polygon drawing option!
    - Users may now use a "click, click, click" polygon drawing tool, in addition to the existing freehand polygon, radius, and rectangle shapes!

  • Map tab drawing tool now allows for up to 10 counties when using multiple drawings!

        - Users may draw up to 5 shapes, contained in or crossing up to 10 Counties!

UPDATES RELEASED February 13, 2020

  • The new History report added!

        - The old History link has been removed and replaced with the history report at the bottom of each Full listing report!

UPDATES RELEASED February 11, 2020

  • Auto Notify Manager now includes listing print (List/Report) option!
  • Manage Listings - Map Location now using new manual Geocode tool!

UPDATES RELEASED February 7, 2020

  • County selector in Search now highlights selected counties!

        - Based on user feedback, the County selector tool now makes it easier to view/remove selected counties!

UPDATES RELEASED February 5, 2020

  • County selector in Search now highlights selected counties!

        - Based on user feedback, the County selector tool now makes it easier to view/remove selected counties!

UPDATES RELEASED February 5, 2020

  • Compose/Create Listing now includes Manual Geocode tool!

UPDATES RELEASED February 4,2020

  • List Tab - County column now supports sorting
  • Compose/Create Listing now includes Tax Record update tool!

UPDATES RELEASED February 2, 2020

  • MLS "Areas" removed

UPDATES RELEASED January 29, 2020

  • Compose/Create Listing now includes Characteristics section!

UPDATES RELEASED January 29, 2020

  • The Draw tool for map searching now supports up to 5 drawings!

UPDATES RELEASED January 24, 2020

  • Market Activity/Inventory reports now sort by County!

UPDATES RELEASED January 21, 2020

  • Compose/Create Listing now includes Rooms section!

UPDATES RELEASED January 14, 2020

  • Compose/Create Listing now includes Marketing (IDX) section!
  • All AL/KY/TN Counties added!

UPDATES RELEASED January 13, 2020

  • Compose/Create Listing now includes HOA section!

UPDATES RELEASED January 10, 2020

  • Pinch & zoom functionality for full-screen photos on mobile!

UPDATES RELEASED December 11, 2019

  • Manage Listings - Compose/Create new listing: The listing creation process offers new capabilities for incomplete listings, including auto-save, listing preview, and integrated media management, as well as new Location & Tax, Office Info, and Structure sections!

UPDATES RELEASED December 11, 2019

  • Client Portal released

UPDATES RELEASED December 10, 2019

  • MarketStats by Showingtme, statistics tool added!
  • Fixed a bug where Android users could not switch to the Mobile version from the Full version

UPDATES RELEASED November 20, 2019

  • Dual Variable Commission field added

UPDATES RELEASED November 19, 2019

  • Manage Media now allows for up to 50 listing photos per listing!

UPDATES RELEASED November 11, 2019

  • Media Manager is now Manage Media, contained within Manage Listings!

UPDATES RELEASED October 29, 2019

  • CMA Report now includes a "Title" header option!

UPDATES RELEASED October 27, 2019

  • Photo manager tool updated, including easier iPad access and auto rotation recognition!

UPDATES RELEASED October 4, 2019

  • Manage Listings, Quick Edit and Change Status now includes Confirm + View option, allowing you to confirm your change and instantly view the full report.

UPDATES RELEASED October 3, 2019

  • Auto Notify: Activity History now shows when Auto Notify Contacts last viewed an individual listing, as well as the total number of times they have viewed the listing

UPDATES RELEASED October 2, 2019

  • Listing Management Search: Added a new search criteria for “Address / City

UPDATES RELEASED September 25, 2019

  • Auto Notify: Contacts with invalid emails (bounces) will no longer deactivate the entire Auto Notify

UPDATES RELEASED September 24, 2019

  • Auto Notify: A single contact may unsubscribe without unsubscribing the entire contact list
  • Auto Notify Activity History: Combined result updates and email history to Improve user experience

UPDATES RELEASED September 17, 2019

  • Manage Listings - Add New Listing has been updated to provide an easy and more accurate way to being a new listing!

UPDATES RELEASED September 13, 2019

  • New login options added, allowing the use single sign-on with with Google or Facebook accounts

UPDATES RELEASED August 21, 2019

  • Auto Notifies set to Instant, Daily or Weekly now continuously search for new matches!

        - Results will still ONLY email based on the Frequency you’ve set

        - New or updated results will be added as they are found

  • Listing emails that include more than 25 listings now show a brief summary and a link to the entire set of results

UPDATES RELEASED August 12, 2019

  • Fixed a map display problem on mobile devices!


  • Auto Notify has been updated to allow clients and agents to see listings that have been shared in previous emails!


  • Auto Notify Results now includes "View All" option when viewing only "new" or filtered results!


  • Security Settings option added to "Me" menu! Security Settings contains Username and User ID information, Change Password, and the option to view and remove devices you have registered for login!


  • Auto Notify Manager updated to support Seen/Unseen, with new filter options to view listings and an Activity Feed tool to better understand why a listing was included in a search and when it was shared with a client!


  • The Manage Listings List view now allows for column sorting!


  • The Copy Listing tool within Manage Listing now allows you to copy from Res to Land or Land to Res!


  • The Manage Listings Open House tool has been updated, you may now add and edit Open Houses in a modern, mobile friendly format!


  • Auto Notify now includes a Map view option to view Auto Notify results and saved listings


  • Manage Listings has been updated to display a listing's Street Letter, Unit, and Lot Number
  • Searching Open Houses is now done by selecting a checkbox on the full website; this returns all Open House types when selected
  • Clicking a listing's primary photo from the Thumbnail or Grid view will now display the listing's photos page instead of the listing's full report
  • The Contacts page now allows for column sorting


  • You can now add an Instagram profile to My Profile
  • The "More" menu within the Auto-Notify Results page has been updated to include access to editing its settings
  • Auto-Notify now remembers the last viewed listing when navigating between the full and list views